If I have a problem with my homestay or residence, Can I change to another?

Yes, you can but you must inform Language Experience to communicate with the school and you will be asked to report what are the valid reasons for the change you want. Changes depends on accommodation availability as well.

Do I have a schedule to arrive to my homestay?

Yes, depending on the student’s age, a minor must arrive before 10 pm , as minors doesn’t have keys of their homestay. For adults above 18 years old usually there is noproblem with time of arrival but communication and courtesy with the host family is advised.

It is important to note that in homestay some families may have a schedule for take a shower or to eat.

Can I cook in my homestay or residence?

Depending on the homestay it may be possible; however, we recommend that, in case you want to cook,you specify it in the formswhen applying for accommodation. In case of residence, the students can cook their own food.

Do I have internet in my homestay or residence? Is it free or should I pay an extrafee?

All residences and homestays have internet service, however,there may be extra fees to use it. We recommend to clarify this question when booking your accommodation.

Do I have a TV in my room in homestay o residences?

Some homestays may have it, and others may have tv on common areas like the living room. It is also possible that your homestay does not have tv. We recommend to clarify this before you arrive; in the case of residences the TV should be in the common area.

Do I have a single room or I share my room in the homestay?

You can ask for a private room or a shared room. It is necessary to clarify this when booking, since share and double rooms are cheaper than single ones.however,it depends on every student needs.

Can I receive visitors in my homestay or in the residence?

It depends on the homestay or residence rules; we recommend to ask before invitingany family or friend to visit;usually residences allow some short visits.
Does the family guide me on how to get around in the city on my first day?

It is the duty of the homestay family to show you the transport system of the city, to move on your own, and how you get to the school on the first day.

What is the difference between a closer or farther residence?

The prices may vary, usually the closer to the school the more expensive the residence, the farther the cheaper.Also, accommodation may be more expensive closer to downtown. We recommend to considertransportation costs.

Can I wash my clothes in the homestay?

It depends on the homestay, most of them allow the student to do the laundry however, we recommend to clarify this before you travel.

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