Someone picks me up at the airport? Is it an additional service?

The student can ask to be picked up at the airport; however, it is an additional service so you will have additional charges.

What should I have on hand while traveling?

Passport, homestay / residence address and school, acceptance of the school and receipt of payment with a health insurance card.

What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

You must inform the school registrar or your advisor of any changes on your course of arrival whenever is possible, so they can make the relevant changes. Particularly those students who have requested to be picked up at the airport this is very important. It is noteworthy that the person responsible for collecting the student has the responsibility to wait for 1 hour unless he receives notification of delays by the school.

Is there any contact to call once I arrive to the country?

The school provide contact numbers so it is possible to call them upon arrival to solve any issue. Additionally, Language Experience is available to help you solve any relevant problems.

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