Test preparation

For students interested in understanding the exam structure and perfecting the necessary skills to master the language (writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening and fluency). Our schools provide guidance and preparation for different exams such as: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, FCE, CAE, CPE, TEF, etc.

Bachelor Degree / Postgraduate Programs

Aimed at students or professionals who want to take postgraduate studies in Canada with the idea of specialization and/or immigration as international students. A wide variety of colleges and universities is available.

Language courses

We offer a wide range of course options in English, French, German and Italian at certified international schools, depending on the student needs. From general language courses until combined intensive programs with extra activities, like cooking or even windsurf lessons, we offer different choices to suit everyone.

Summer Camp

For kids and teenagers, from 8 to 17 years old, who want to study a new language while doing sports or cultural activities (on afternoons or weekends), while practicing with young people from all over the world, always accompanied by trained and capable staff. We offer programs at many cities with different possibilities.

High School

For teenagers between 12 and 18 years old, to obtain secondary education at high schools in Canada, in English or French, with the core subjects and some electives depending on their personal interests. Studies can go from a single term option (trimester) to the most popular entire academic year.

Language Experience

experiencia idiomasLanguage Experience is a company dedicated to arrange and organize studies abroad. With a great deal of experience in the field and a customer focused quality service, we are always oriented to achieve customer satisfaction since their recommendations represent an important part of our success. We support our clients in all the process based on their needs as we apply a personalized approach on each client that makes the difference in:

* Selection on the right country / city based on the interests

* Selection of the school

* Consultation on their visa depends on the country

* Orientation on the accommodation

* Student/Travel insurance

* Ticket flights and much more…


Sidekick_Language Experience

VISA card Sidekick for Canada

Send money and teach your kids how to manage their finances and control their expenses never was so easy

Postgrados en el exterior

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Language courses Postgraduate Programs

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Why choose us:

Asesoria de estudios en el exterior

We support our clients with their visas from the first moment, after checking their profile and destination, based on our experience

We present our clients with different options such as homestay, student residence, furnished apartments or hotels

estudios en el extranjero
Seguro de viajes para estudiantes

We partner with recognized insurance companies for students and tourists to offer the best coverage at the best price

estudios idiomas en el extranjero

Based on our experience with the schools, we offer a wide range of promotions and package adapted to the needs of each customer

Partnerships of our company

Estudios en el exterior

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